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Tax Advisor & CPA Services

Specializing in tax compliance, tax planning, and strategic consulting for businesses and individuals.

Only Good Surprises

From a CPA and tax advisor? How? When we check in for regular advisory meetings about your finances over the year, more opportunities, better management, and good surprises will be revealed. 


You’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions about tax allocations more than once per year.


Many new clients seek us out for a second-opinion. Usually they call  when they get blindsided by a larger-than-expected tax bill. It’s understandable. You want the best options and choices without the stress or surprise of a big tax bill. 


More frequent, clear communication over the course of each year gives us ample time and understanding to strategize not only how to minimize potential “tax events”, but also to focus on and fund what’s most important to you.


A few short meetings with your advisor will


Ensure the overall financial goals are still the same.


Provide non-judgemental accountability in your financial world.


Activate a refreshed focus on goals and next steps.


Reveal additional opportunities in service to your desired result.


Navigating your business success, your kid’s school, and your retirement plans

Making progress toward your financial goals is more than daunting when you are feeling like you’ve got to do it alone. 


The tax world is complex: it changes fast and you may not feel confident about making decisions without understanding the full context of what your decisions may affect, both short- and long-term.

We build real paths toward

desired results every day. 

Our skillset around business and personal tax is exercised and honed daily as we see thousands of clients every year. 


Many of whom are business owners looking to fund more than one big project. We partner candidly and with care, and advise professionally with our clients every day. 

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Working with NWTA made it simple to get y taxes done. The process was so much faster and easier to complete. I love meeting with the team and planning for my future goals."

- Happy Client

Processing the potential options so you can make better decisions based on realistic numbers than if you were doing this exercise alone. It’ll move your whole business further along, faster, without overwhelm, when you work with a trusted advisor.


Specific questions may include: 

  • Should I open another location? 

  • Should I hire another staff person?

  • How can the new tax law help me?

We can work through potential scenarios pretty quickly.


So, Why Us?

A CPA in a big brand shop may see a hundred returns in an abbreviated season. We see
thousands, year round. And we are in communication with owners and individuals like you every day.


How it Works

When you work with NWTA, it’s not just about crunching the numbers on a yearly basis. Plan to meet with your advisor 2-3 times each year, plus crunch the numbers. This way we accomplish and deliver only good surprises around tax-time.

Peace of mind, regular planning, and steady progress over the course of each year is available when you work with an NWTA expert.

Your results will improve with more and better information, specific to your goals.

Results will turn into achievements when you take better action based on excellent information.

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