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Tax Advisors, CPA's & Consultants

Specializing in tax compliance, tax planning, and strategic consulting for businesses and individuals.

Only Good Surprises

From a CPA and Tax Advisor? How?
By scheduling regular planning meetings over the course of the year, more opportunities, better management, and good surprises will be revealed.

You will make better and more informed decisions

regarding your finances, cash flow, and goals.

Prospective clients consistently seek us out for a second opinion. Many times the result of being blindsided by a larger-than-expected tax bill. Frustration is understandable. Everyone wants the best options and choices without stress or surprise. 

Frequent and clear communication over the course of the year gives us ample time to understand your situation and to strategize. We will help you achieve your goals, assist with minimizing potential “tax events”, and align our focus with what is most important to you.


A few short meetings with your advisor will


Create a plan and fine tune your tax and financial goals


Provide non-judgemental accountability in your financial world.


Activate a refreshed focus on goals and next steps.


Reveal additional opportunities in service to your desired result.


Navigating your business success, your kid’s school, and your retirement plans

Making progress toward your family and financial goals can be daunting when you are attempting to do so on your own. 

The tax world is complex: it changes fast and you may not feel confident about making decisions without understanding the full context of what those decisions may affect, both short-term and long-term.

We build real paths toward

desired results every day. 

Our team brings decades of experience and multiple professional designations. Everyone at NWTA takes part in continued education to keep up with new laws and situations. Our knowledge of tax is exercised and honed daily as we see thousands of clients every year, many of which are looking for assistance and advice for their entire financial situation (work, personal, retirement, and legacy). 

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"Working with NWTA made it simple to get my taxes done. The process was much more structured,  detailed, and educational than I was accustomed to. I love meeting with the team and planning for my future goals."

- Bill G.


So, Why Us?

A solo CPA or tax preparer may see a hundred returns in an abbreviated season. Our team sees thousands, year round, as we collaborate and share new and emerging issues we see, and we are in communication with owners and individuals like you every day.


We can work through potential scenarios pretty quickly.

We will process the available information and present you with potential options so you can make an informed and educated decision.

By working with a trusted advisor, you will be guided through your entire  decision making process, reducing stress, and leading you to overall better decisions than if you were doing the analysis on your own.


Specific questions may include: 

  • How can I improve my cash flow?

  • How does the new tax law help me?

  • How can I minimize my tax bill?

  • Is it better to lease or own?

  • How can I best save for retirement?

  • What are my options on passing wealth to the next generation?

How it Works

When you work with NWTA, it’s not just about crunching the numbers on a yearly basis.

Plan to meet or check in with your advisor 1-4 times each year, plus crunch the numbers.

Planning + reviewing + repeating = more certainty and only good surprises around tax-time.

Peace of mind, regular planning, and steady progress over the course of each year is available when you work with an NWTA expert.

Your results will improve with more and better information, specific to your goals.

Results will turn into

success and achievement

when you take timely action based on excellent information.

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