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Know your tax options and make your best decisions


A partnership with a tax advisor relies on trust and consistent communication. The fruits of that partnership lead to increased confidence, continuity, improved decision making, and long term wealth building

Northwest Tax Advisors, LLC

Services at a glance:


Tax Services

  • Corporate Tax

  • Partnership Tax

  • Personal Tax

  • Estate Tax

  • Trust Tax

  • Gift Tax

  • International Tax

  • State & Local Tax


Advisory Services

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Succession

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Entity Structure & Formations

  • Cash Flow & Cash Management

  • State Nexus Review

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Retirement & Social Security

  • Stock Options

  • College Funding/Savings

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Projections

  • Tax Bracket Management

  • Tax Education

  • 2nd Look – Review of previously filed returns for errors and opportunities


Client Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Financial Statement Compilation

  • Payroll Processing & Payroll Tax Reporting

  • Local Tax Filings (Excise/B&O/Personal Property)

  • Budgeting, Forecasting, & Projections

  • QuickBooks Consulting

International Services

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

  • Foreign Tax Credit

  • Tax Treaty

  • Report of Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts

  • Foreign Trust Reporting & Compliance

  • (Non)Resident Alien Tax Reporting & Compliance

  • Foreign Corporation Compliance


Tax Audit Services

  • IRS Audit Assistance & Representation

  • State & Local Taxing Authority Audit Assistance & Representation

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“We listen and learn about your unique situation; identifying and documenting your issues, concerns, and goals." 

"We will then discuss (together) various scenarios and options, making sure we drill down and are focused on what matters."


"In the end, we will have SMART goals, a detailed analysis of how to attack your issues, and a gameplan for moving forward, for both the near term and further out."  

"We will then schedule review and planning meetings on a monthly to semi-annual basis to follow up on our plan, discuss how things are going, if anything has changed, and make adjustments as necessary."

-Ryan Georges, Founder

Regular Consultations

The key to what sets NWTA apart from our competitors, provides the most value to clients, and the primary reason clients achieve the results they desire.

What happens in a NWTA consult?


NWTA is a team of CPA's with extensive knowledge of the tax code for businesses and individuals. We study tax, continue with our learning and education, and read the tax code for fun. We love to crunch numbers, help our clients grow and succeed, and serve.

When you have a relationship in place where your advisor truly cares, is engaged, trusted, and looking out for you as not a client, but as a partner, you will have confidence in the decisions and advice, and feel free to focus on the areas you are an expert in. There is no better way to tip the scale in your favor. It is a win-win for you, for us, and for your family. 

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"We spoke with an advisor here named Ryan. He was extremely knowledgeable and his efficient communication matched our style. He also took the extra minute on concepts that were difficult to understand when we needed it. He answered all (the) questions we had, even admitting when there was a detail he needed to look up and followed up promptly. Excellent customer service and we got the information we needed to help us with our tax return thoroughly and quickly, which is a rare combination."
-Lindsay S.

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